An interesting approach to taking risks in your professional / personal life

. Saturday, August 21, 2010

Owe this post to a wonderful conversation I had over tea yesterday. Thank You for this brilliant perspective MG.

"Often one is faced with an opportunity to move out of one's comfort zone and embark up on a new and exciting venture. Most people refuse to move out of their comfort zone, simply because of the risk that it throws up on you. One way to look at this situation in perspective is to quantify the immediate risk (in dollar amount, or any other unit possible) and amortize this figure over the course of your career or your life.

Example: MBA
Investment (Risk): CAD 100,000 (Economic Cost)
My professional career post MBA - 30 years
Per year investment: 3333 CAD

That is not as bad a risk as one would think it is. I am not even considering the change in work quality, exposure and awareness, career growth, and the joy of doing what you really wanted to do all your life! "